Latest Products



1> ENDURO Stamina Paper is a functional creative paper. The paper has good functionality and has the same printing effect as paper. It is suitable for digital printing and general printing. More admirably, it has the true touch of paper, but has tear resistance and water resistance character that cannot be achieved with ordinary paper. It is also certified by FSC International Forest Stewardship Council and ISEGA Food Grade Paper. Certification and ISO certification.


2> Touche : Neenah product, suitable for printing applications needed for various luxury brands.  Suitable outlet: fashion apparel, leather goods, perfume cosmetics, brand bags, world famous wines, luxury yachts, super luxury cars, top Jewellery, collection of watches, innovative brands, jewellery, boutique hotels, and restaurants, luxury housing projects ... Charm packaging collection luxury.


3> LaCrema: Neenah product, non-traditional latex paper, is a kind of PU laminated material. It is practical and elegant, with eight standard color options.


4〉 Glare synthetic paper:

This synthetic paper is processed by high-grade coating technology, has a uniform and elegant glare surface, and is not tearable and has excellent weather resistance.  Can be used for high class menus, product catalogs, packaging boxes, handbags.


5> FiberTag Bio-decomposition Technology Paper:

This special paper has been certified by the American Composting Association for a maximum period of 6 months with a degree of decomposition of 60% (monomeric) or 90% (admixed molecules). This means that the paper has been biodegraded in a composting environment and is "compostable material", and the resulting compost is non-toxic and will not harm plant growth.


6> Food absorbent pad:

After SGS food certification, it can be used for sashimi (raw fish slice), meat products, aquatic products, and can be cut size to fit the customer's needs. Welcome contact us.


7〉Silicone BOPET film:

Release lining for label/sticker application, with abrasion resistance and stain resistance, excellent tear resistance