Enterprise Visions

ELI Paper is entering the 40-year period, every step is practical and down-to- earth consistently.

Since the company started in 1979, it has been rooted in various industries for decades, accumulating agency and cooperation with many international professional paper mills. In 2006, to pursue innovative operations, a number of developing plans have been set up through internal studies. We have been working very hard.

Cross-industry alliance, horizontal development of products, recruitment of talents in the development department, electronic paper for science and technology, paper for biotechnology, planning and integration of e-commerce systems, and other development projects, all these are examples of our performance of corporate responsibility. It is also our mission of pursing sustainable management.

Along with company policy, in 2007 we established a full-time and independent development department to lead companies to develop more business plans. Taking company's sustainable management as the goal, and various projects have shown good performance. Furthermore, with many cross-industry non-traditional paper buying and selling services, our business development has continued to sprout and grow.

The French existentialist Mr. Albert Camus ever said :
Happiness is not everything, People have their duty.
(Le Bonheur n’est pas tout et les hommes ont leur devoir.)
Think of this sentence from another perspective!
If every day of our life is a piece of white paper and everything is a vivid article,
what a small distance is between happiness and responsibility!
Our corporate responsibility is to sell the most suitable products for our customers, provide the most professional services, communicate the most advanced product information, and bring the deepest sense of well-being to friends in all industries.
Since 2018, fresh, dynamic, competitive ELI PAPER continue the sustainable progress......